Discount Program



Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center working to enhance the health of individuals and families by improving access to quality healthcare services.  While maintaining a commitment to the underserved, CFHC offers a comprehensive scope of medical, dental and behavioral health services to a wide range of patients – including those with Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans.

Discounted charges are available to qualified patients.  Eligibility for sliding fee discounts is based on household income and the number of family members supported by that income.  Federal Regulations require that the patient show proof of income. CFHC defines proof of income as follows:


2 current pay stubs (if employed)
Most recent tax year 1040 (if self-employed)
Letter from Employment Security Commission (if drawing unemployment)
Letter from employer, preferably on letterhead, stating salary/wages (domestic worker)
Medicaid Denial (if potentially qualified)


Dental patients are required to bring a nominal charge of $50.00 to their dental appointment.  Patients who are at or below 100% of the federal poverty level are expected to pay a nominal fee of $20.00 for medical appointments.



Freedom Hill Community
    Health Center

Serving Edgecombe County
162 NC Highway 33 East
Princeville, NC  27886
Phone:  252-641-0514
Fax:  252-641-1668


Harvest Family Health Center
Serving Nash County
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building B
Elm City, NC  27822
Phone:  252-443-7744
Fax:  252-443-7611


Wilson Community Health Center
Serving Wilson County
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone: 252-243-9800
Fax:  252-243-9888


CFHC Dental Center
Serving Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building A
Elm City, NC 27822
Phone: 252-443-7744
  Option #4
Fax:  252-972-4390


Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc.
Corporate Offices
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone:  252-293-0013
Fax:  252-243-2576