Executive Staff


The Executive Staff of Carolina Family Health Centers has been together for many years, contributing to the steady growth and success of the corporation.  Both the Executive Director and Medical Director joined the organization in 1997.  Since that time, Carolina Family has built four new facilities, grown its operating budget from less than $1 Million dollars per year to over $12 Million, and increased the employee roster from less than 20 individuals to over 150 full and part-time employees.

The Executive Staff consists of six individuals; the Executive Director, Director of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Medical Director, Chief of Pharmacy Services and the Dental Director. 



Dee Johnson

Dee Johnson
Executive Director

Ms. Johnson began her career at Community Health Network of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1971. Her extensive experience within the realm of community health there as well as in Milwaukee, Wisconsin confirms her as a professional in her field.



Gonzalo Cabral
Medical Director

Dr. Cabral served as Chief Resident at Danbury Hospital affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. His extensive training and experience in internal medicine qualifies him as Medical Director of Carolina Family Health Centers. Dr. Cabral is bilingual in Spanish and English.



Scott Hunt

Dental Director


An extensive dentistry background in community health as well as in the US Air Force has prepared Dr. Hunt to lead Carolina Family Health Centers’ Dental Department. Educated at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Dr. Hunt is a seasoned professional.



Faith Littlejohn
Director of Operations

Varied and valuable experience in private enterprise as well as the state university system has prepared Ms. Littlejohn for her leadership presence at Carolina Family Health Centers.



Paula McMillian
Chieft Financial Officer

A graduate of the University of California, Ms. McMillian holds a MBA with an emphasis in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. Extensive experience in settings as varied as Coopers & Lybrand and at Hardee’s Food Systems rounds out her exceptional fiscal talents.



Laura Owens
Chief of Pharmacy Services

A graduate of Campbell University School of Pharmacy, Dr. Owens’s impeccable academic credentials position her to lead Carolina Family Health Centers’ three pharmacies.  She is an expert in pharmacy management and has strong leadership abilities.




Freedom Hill Community
    Health Center

Serving Edgecombe County
162 NC Highway 33 East
Princeville, NC  27886
Phone:  252-641-0514
Fax:  252-641-1668


Harvest Family Health Center
Serving Nash County
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building B
Elm City, NC  27822
Phone:  252-443-7744
Fax:  252-443-7611


Wilson Community Health Center
Serving Wilson County
303 East Green Street – Building B
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone: 252-243-9800
Fax:  252-243-9888


CFHC Dental Center
Serving Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building A
Elm City, NC 27822
Phone: 252-443-7744
  Option #4
Fax:  252-972-4390


Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc.
Corporate Offices
303 East Green Street – Building A
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone:  252-293-0013
Fax:  252-243-2576