Ryan White Program:  HIV/AIDS Care and Services


Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. (CFHC, Inc.) has provided services tailored to persons living with HIV/AIDS for over 15 years.  Through the Ryan White Program, patients are offered a wide scope of services:

                •  HIV Primary Health Care from practitioners trained and credentialed in the care

                    of patients with HIV/AIDS.

                  Oral Health Care
                  In-house Dispensing Pharmacy
                  Case Management
                  Early Intervention Services; such as testing, education, referral
                  Integrated Behavioral Health
                  Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing
                  Treatment Adherence Counseling
                  Housing Assistance; short term rent/mortgage and/or utility assistance
                  Emergency Services; including food assistance


All patients of CFHC, Inc. have access to an in-house dispensing pharmacy, conveniently located within each of the three CFHC medical facilities.  Pharmacy services are accessible, affordable and comprehensive in scope.  Treatment adherence is offered through a pillbox program and medication delivery is available for qualified patients.


Integrated Behavioral Health provides an opportunity for patients to work with their medical provider and a licensed behavioral health clinician to address concerns about problems that interfere with daily life and overall health status; such as stress, worry, habits or behaviors.  Behavioral Health clinicians focus on improving a person’s overall health and well-being, helping people develop skills to effectively manage emotional or behavioral difficulties.


Patients enrolled in the Ryan White Program have access to a Client Support Group and may choose to become a member of the Consumer Advisory Board; helping to guide the continued development of the Program. Ryan White Program staff is active in the community; providing outreach, testing and education through local health fairs and other community-based events.


CFHC, Inc. serves a broader role as Administrator of the Region 8 HIV/AIDS Network under the authority of the NC HIV/AIDS Bureau.  Region 8 includes the counties of Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton and Wilson.  The Network is comprised of community agencies, consumers and community advocates.  The Mission is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and to improve the quality of life for those living with HIV/AIDS within the Region by embracing partnerships and providing health care services, support, education, testing and prevention.


For more information about the Ryan White Program and services, please call 252-243-9800 extension 275.



Freedom Hill Community
    Health Center

Serving Edgecombe County
162 NC Highway 33 East
Princeville, NC  27886
Phone:  252-641-0514
Fax:  252-641-1668


Harvest Family Health Center
Serving Nash County
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building B
Elm City, NC  27822
Phone:  252-443-7744
Fax:  252-443-7611


Wilson Community Health Center
Serving Wilson County
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone: 252-243-9800
Fax:  252-243-9888


CFHC Dental Center
Serving Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building A
Elm City, NC 27822
Phone: 252-443-7744
  Option #4
Fax:  252-972-4390


Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc.
Corporate Offices
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone:  252-293-0013
Fax:  252-243-2576