In all of its programs, service delivery, recruitment and daily operations, Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. is focused on Quality.  The Mission Statement adopted by the Board of Directors reflects this focus by clearly stating that the Centers will provide “…health care with excellence, where patients come first”.


In recognition of Carolina Family’s quality programming, staff was awarded a 2017 Quality Leadership Award from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration for the best overall clinical performance among health centers.  Carolina Family has also received Patient Centered Medical Home designation; a widely accepted philosophy of care that drives primary care excellence.


Carolina Family employs many methodologies to achieve the highest level of quality programming, patient outcomes and customer satisfaction. Included are the following strategies:


Privacy Practices.  Carolina Family practitioners and support staff respect every patient’s individual right to privacy in the environment where care is delivered and information is shared between the patient and his/her healthcare provider.  A trusting relationship between patient and provider is paramount to achieving exceptional health outcomes and improving each patient’s quality of life.


Rights and Responsibilities.  The confidentiality of protected health information is not the only Right afforded patients of Carolina Family Health Centers.  Patients are informed of their right to actively participate in decisions regarding care and treatment, to receive a timely response to needs or concerns, to know the names and credentials of those providing care and, at all times, to be treated with dignity and respect.


Board Certified Providers.  Carolina Family employs only the most highly educated and trained healthcare providers.  Physicians, Clinicians and Advanced Practitioners are graduates of some of the most respected colleges and universities across the Country; many receiving training from North Carolina medical schools and other pharmacy and health science programs in our state. 


Team-Based Care.  These carefully selected providers play a pivotal role in the team-based care model in practice at Carolina Family Health Centers.  Each patient is assigned to a healthcare team, led by the primary care provider.  Other members of the team might include a behavioral health clinician, a pharmacist clinician, a nurse and a care coordinator.  The team collaborates and coordinates care to maximize results to the benefit of each individual patient.


Chronic Care Management.  117 million adults are living with at least one chronic health condition; one in four have two or more such conditions.  With its focus on quality, Carolina Family places an emphasis on chronic care management by maintaining contact with the patient between primary care visits.  This effort strengthens the bond between the patient and the care team and improves treatment plan compliance.


Transition Team. Patients discharged from a hospital stay without proper follow up are most vulnerable to re-admission within a short period of time.  Carolina Family supports a Transition Team designed to work closely with at-risk patients to alleviate these unnecessary readmissions, ensuring that primary care follow up is timely and effective.


Medication Management.  Quality outcomes are difficult to achieve when a patient lacks access to prescribed medications.  Carolina Family offers various pharmacy programs designed for patient convenience and treatment plan adherence.  When patients have a suitable Medicare Part D Plan or receive help through the Pill Box Program in taking medications appropriately, health status is improved.


Clinical Indicators.  Carolina Family monitors a host of clinical indicators to achieve a constant state of continuing quality improvement.  Some indicators are chosen by medical, dental or behavioral health providers, others are followed in the interests of public health.  Each year, a goal is set for individual clinical indicators.  If sufficient progress toward goal is not demonstrated, a study is commissioned to determine the cause and effect change.  The indicator is monitored until the goal is achieved and maintained.


        2018 3rd QTR Medical Quality Performance Indicators


Customer Satisfaction.  At Carolina Family Health Centers, “…care with excellence, where patients come first” is an expectation in all programs, for all staff.  Achieving quality outcomes is a partnership between the patient and his/her healthcare team.  Carolina Family solicits patient input through customer service surveys and comment cards.  Acknowledging the patient’s perception and experience and building on that knowledge is a critical element in Carolina Family’s focus on quality.





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