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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment, also know as MAT, is the use of medication in a primary care setting, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance use disorders.

The goals of a MAT program are to 1. promote long-term recovery and 2. reduce the potential for overdose for patients who struggle with opiate, opioid and alcohol use disorders.

CFHC’s MAT Program

  • Vivitrol, a once-monthly injection, for the treatment of both opioid and alcohol use disorder
  • Other oral medications for treatment of alcohol use disorder
  • Oral buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) and long-action buprenorphine (Sublocade) for the treatment of opioid use disorder
  • MAT services are provided as part of a primary care visit. Each visit is also paired with a counseling session.

Most insurances are accepted. Sliding fee discount program available for uninsured patients.