Our Mission

Carolina Family Health Centers provides accessible health care with excellence and commitment to a patients first philosophy.


CHFC proporciona cuidados de dalud accesible con excelencia y el compromiso para la primer filosofia del paciente.


Our Vision

Carolina Family Health Centers will be the provider and employer of choice in our communities.


CFHC va a der el proveedor y empledador de eleccion en nuestras comunidados.





Patients First Philosophy

The employees of Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. commit to providing for the needs, both spoken and perceived, of current and potential patients as we fulfill the “Patients First” promise.

Patients First Promise

  • I understand and agree that every employee of CFHC works in the Customer Service Department;
  • I Promise to be present, focused and oriented to each patient’s needs, whether by phone or in person;
  • I Promise to be helpful, encouraging, upbeat and understanding during each patient encounter;
  • I Promise to make the patient’s visit memorable in some way, by a kind word or small gesture of caring;
  • I will adhere to the CFHC Patient Bill of Rights and will adopt the organization’s Mission as my own;
  • Each day, I will choose my attitude and leave my personal problems at the door;
  • When a customer’s expectations have not been met, it may not be my fault but I Promise to make it my problem to resolve;
  • I Promise to handle each customer complaint as an opportunity to be a hero in their eyes…an opportunity to improve service…an opportunity to right a perceived wrong;
  • I Pledge to help alleviate barriers to good customer service by bringing my observations and ideas to the attention of management;
  • I Promise to do my very best to make every interaction with patients a human interaction, leaving technology as a last resort;
  • I will build relationships by recognizing customers as people, by speaking to customers and treating customers as I would want to be treated;
  • Without exception, I Promise to treat each person I encounter with the highest level of dignity and respect.


















This health center is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed  .                            Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233 (g)-(n)

         Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



Freedom Hill Community
    Health Center

Serving Edgecombe County
162 NC Highway 33 East
Princeville, NC  27886
Phone:  252-641-0514
Fax:  252-641-1668
After Hours: 888-648-7229


Harvest Family Health Center
Serving Nash County
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building B
Elm City, NC  27822
Phone:  252-443-7744
Fax:  252-443-7611
After Hours: 888-648-7229


Wilson Community Health Center
Serving Wilson County
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone: 252-243-9800
Fax:  252-243-9888
After Hours: 888-648-7229


CFHC Dental Center
Serving Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties
8282 NC Highway 58 South – Building A
Elm City, NC 27822
Phone: 252-443-7744
  Option #4
Fax:  252-972-4390
After Hours: 888-648-7229


Carolina Family Health Centers, Inc.
Corporate Offices
303 East Green Street
Wilson, NC  27893
Phone:  252-293-0013
Fax:  252-243-2576



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